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For Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips

Alaska Salmon Fishing and Alaska Trout Fishing

in The Mat-Su Valley of South Central Alaska

Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips is exactly what we offer,
Along with Alaska Rainbow Trout,
Alaska Dolly Varden and Alaska Grayling fishing.
Our Alaska Fishing Guides are
USCG Licensed with plenty of knowledge
to give while fishing during your Alaska Salmon or
Alaska Trout fishing adventure
here in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley of South Central, Alaska.

As we fish the Little Susitna and Deshka Rivers we have over 100 miles of the hottest salmon and trout fisheries in the
world to choose from.

    *We can assist you in arranging
overnight accommodations.
    *We safely navigate you to
the hottest fishing waters.
    *We can show you the best techniques to hook
and play these trophy salmon and trout.
    *We expertly clean and handle your catch.
    *We can assist you in making the appropriate arrangements for processing and shipping.

In early spring the Pacific Salmon begin their journey from the ocean to their
individual spawning waters on the Little Susitna, Deshka and Talkeetna Rivers. The King Salmon is the first to enter the Little Su and Deshka in mid May , and the Talkeetna in mid June.

 The mighty King ranges from 25 to 85 pounds in size. The initial rod bending strike can prove to be only the beginning of an exciting and intense fight, with an equally exciting and rewarding finish
Shortly after the arrival of the King Salmon come the Red (Sockeye) Salmon.
The Sockeye range from 6 to 12 pounds, and pound for pound are one of the best fighters of the salmon species, and are our favorite on the grill. These can be fished right through August.


In late June the Dog (Chum) Salmon begin to arrive.
These salmon run from 8 to 18 pounds.
Though they are used mainly for smoking, don't underestimate them.
They are great fun to catch, and are superior fighters.
The Chums can be caught into early September.

Last but definitely not least, come the Silver (Coho) Salmon. The Silvers start filtering into the Little Su, Deshka and Willow in mid July.
These explosive silver bullets are flashes of lightning,
blasting out of the water like misguided missiles.
When you come upon a school of these dynamic
6 to 18 pound fish, hold on and watch them perform.
It's non-stop action until the cooler is full and limits are filled.
We fish the Silver Salmon all the way through September.

For the die-hard trout fisherman, you've come to the right place.
We fish
both Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden from break-up in late April until freeze-up in early October.

The name "Rainbow" is an appropriate name for these Alaskan beauties, as they do indeed come in every color and shade the rainbow itself has to offer. These fish can weigh as much as 9 pounds. Rainbows can be fished on both the Little Susitna and Talkeetna Rivers periodically throughout the fishing season.

We know where the fishing is the best at any given time,
and that’s where we’ll be.

 So come and enjoy World-Class Alaska Salmon fishing
and Trout fishing on the Little Susitna River and Deshka River here in the Matanuska-Susitna Valley in South Central Alaska.

At Alaska Salmon Fishing Trips, our Coast Guard Licensed Alaska fishing guides offer personal,
one-on-one fishing instruction to the inexperienced salmon and trout fisherman,
yet offer the freedom of the river to those more skilled fishing enthusiast.

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